11th APAMT – Oral Presentations


Abstract Title Authors
Epidemilogy of paracetamol poisoning in Asia ML Tse
The role of protein adducts in determining the Aetiology of liver failure L Nelson
Adulteration of proprietary Chinese medicines and health products with undeclared agents: a case series in Hong Kong CK Ching, AYW Chan, TWL Mak
Clinical presentation and causes of Gelsemium poisoning in Hong Kong: review of 24 cases CHV Ng, C Wong,
ML Tse
An outbreak of lead poisoning from traditional remedies in the north of Vietnam TN Nguyen, AT Nguyen, HT Be, D Pham
Environmental lead exposure of grade 1 students living in Payatas and its effect on blood lead and haemoglobin levels HH Aragoncillo, CML Camero, MABB Corpuz,
KM Rigor-Villanueva, VP Antonio,
MT Tadeo-Policarpio, MN Atienza-De Leon
Clotting studies and factor deficiencies of hump-nosed pit viper (hypnale hypnale) envenoming in Sri Lanka K Maduwage, F Scorgie, GK Isbister
Post-traumatic stress symptoms after snake bite (a case series) M Amini, H Khosrojerdi
Is low dose anti-snake venom as effective as high dose anti-snake venom for snake envenomation in Indian sub-continent? A systematic review R George Alex, AT George, P Tharyan
Efficacy of two Indian polyvalent snake antivenoms against Sri Lankan russell’s viper (daboia russelii) and saw-scaled viper (echis carinatus) venoms K Maduwage,MA O’Leary,GK Isbister
“PGI score” for predicting mortality in severe aluminium phosphide poisoning A Bhalla, A Sharma, S Singh
Perceptions of wives of farmers on the use, storage and disposal of agrochemicals in rural south India R George Alex, MR Francis, L Raja, H Regi, E Inbarani, J Nicholas, N Paul, R Thomas, R Kiran, P Earnest, S War, VR Mohan, V Balraj
To compare the effectiveness of continuous hemofiltration and intermittenthaemodialysis on treatment of severe phenobarbital poisoning QT Le, DN Ngo, D Pham
Pulse co-oxymeter; a de-facto monitoring device in aluminum phosphide, a novel approach M Mashayekhian,H Hassanian-Moghaddam,S Shadnia,M Rahimi,A Aghabiklooei1,S Nasouhi,A Ghoochani,M Hassanian-Moghaddam,A Pajoumand1
Network to strengthen poisoning care in rural hospitals in India – 1 year data of spectrum of poisonings and improvement in poisoning care practice A Zachariah, J Anisa Begum, R Alex
Changing pat terns of poisoning incidence from silver jewelry cleaning agents at the Philippine general hospital, metro manila LR Panganiban
Evaluation of abdominal and pelvic CT-scanning with and without contrast in diagnosis of body packers and body stuffers M Shahnazi,N Ahmadi,H Hassanian-Moghaddam, N Zamani,T Faghihi Langroodi,A Arjmand Shabestari, O Rezaee,A Khoshkar

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