11th APAMT – Poster Presentations


Abstract Title Authors
Acute oral poisoning of a herbicide product containing propanil and butachlor P Rittilert, C Sriapha, A Tongpoo, S Wongvisawakorn, S Srisuma, W Wananukul
Clinical, electrophysiological and biochemical studies of intermediate syndrome in acute organophosphorous poisoning A Zachariah, L Tomas, M Alexander
Clinical and electrocardiographic features of aconite poisoning: a review of 33 cases ML Tse, AH Chan, CS Yue
Poisoning by aconite; clinical features of aconite poisoning Y Fujita,K Terui,S Endo
Carbon monoxide poisoning in Yamagata prefecture after the great east Japan earthquake K Iseki, C Tase
1-(3-trifluoromethylphenyl)piperazine (tfmpp) abuse: an initial experience in Hong Kong SH Ng, CK Ching, TWL Mak, ML Tse1
Retrospective descriptive study on cerebera manghas poisoning in eastern province of Sri Lanka: an analysis of admissions and outcome in a tertiary care hospital, Batticaloa S Pirasath, KT Sundaresan, C Gnanathasan Ariaranee
Clinical characteristics of kratom abusers in Thailand S Trakulsrichai, U Udomsubpayakul, R Junsang, K Sanprasert, C Sriapha, A Tongpo,S Wongvisawakorn, P Rittilert, W Wananukul1
Coagulopathic disorders following snakebite: a 5-year study of 108 patients in Khorasan region B Dadpour, SM Monzavi, R Afshari
Characteristic clinical and laboratory findings in chlorpyrifos poisoning A Dewan
Paraquat poisoning by subcutaneous injection R Othong,Z Kazzi
Evaluation of knowledge levels on management of snake envenomation among Malaysian health professionals after a related short training course MA Adilah, A Rahmat, RMK Halilol
A comparison of emergency triage scales in the assessment of patients presenting with poisoning D Jayaweera, S Mitter, N Gunja
Trend of acute methadone intoxication in a referral poison center , a n epidemiological survey H Hassanian -Moghaddam, M Rahimi, S Shadnia, K Soltaninejad, M Eslampanah
The three main groups of pharmaceutical agents involved in poisoning cases reported to the NPC of Malaysia over a 5-year period (2006-2010) MK Halilol Rahman, A Rahmat, MA Adilah, AR Noor Afiza, H Haslina
Gelsemium poisoning by proxy: delineation of mechanism HCH Lee,YH Lam, ECY Law,CO Tang, KS Pang, TC Chow, AYW Chan, TWL Mak
A retrospective case control study on patients’ outcome for prehospital activated charcoal use in poisoning patients CK Chan, ML Tse, FL Lau
Comparison zinc phosphide poisoning to aluminum phosphide poisoning A Aghabiklooei, M Teimuri, SH Shadnia, H Hassanian
Gelsemium poisoning in a family after consumption of cassytha filiformis linn. Collected in the countryside PK Lam, TS Au, TW Wong
Liver toxicity of acute poisoning by imidacloprid ingestion in human: a case report S Wongvisawakorn, C Sriapha, A Tongpoo, P Rittilert, S Thirap Attarapan, S Trakulsrichai, W Wananukul
Safety and efficacy of manual ventilation as compared to mechanical ventilation in common krait envenomation A Bhalla, N Shafiq, S Singh, N Sharma
Geogenic arsenic in drinking water of Chelpu region (north of Kashmar-ne Iran): implication for its concentration in urine and hair biomarkers M Taheri,R Afshari, MHM Gharaie
Cyp3a5 mutation increased risk of ergotism in cafergot and protease inhibitors drug interaction S Vannaprasaht, L Ritta, S Kwanreuthai
Flare up of underlying psychiatric disorder or toxicity? Which one? A Ghoochani, A Aghabiklooei
Pattern of poisoning cases referred to the national poison center: a 5-year report (2006-2010) A Nur Afni A, MA Adilah, H Haslina, A Rahmat, LJ Razak
A review on sperm toxicity due to organophosphorus compounds K Razavi-Azarkhiavi, B Dadpour
Accidental tramadol exposure and apnea in children H Hassanian-Moghaddam,F Farnaghi, H Farajidana,S Mohammadi, A Molanaie,S Sarjami
Taiwan experience in the management of an antidote supply network HC Ong, JF Deng
Acute abdominal pain due to lead poisoning after acute exposure to lead from the use of traditional medicine BH Thu, NT Nguyen, LQ Thuan, ND Chinh, DT Xuan
Prognosis of acute organophosphate poisoning B Dadpour, R Afshari,A Gharaie1
N – acetylcysteine treatment for chloroacetanilide and propanil herbicide induced methemoglobinemia following acute ingestion: a case report CGG Quingking

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