12th APAMT – Oral Presentations


Abstract Title Authors
Epidemiology and characteristics of acute poisoning presented to a tertiary hospital emergency department in Qatar Waleed Awad Salem, Jane Terris, Galal Alessai, Ehab Aki
Profile of alcohol poisoning in Qatar 2013 G. Alessai, W. Salem, E. Aki, J. Terris
Is oxygen required before atropine administration in organophosphorus or carbamate pesticide poisoning? A literature review and cohort study L.A. Konickx, K. Bingham, M. Eddleston
Impact of life-skills, help seeking ability and mental health on acute deliberate self- poisoning in Kurunegala district, Sri Lanka: A case-control study P.H.G.J. Pushpakumara, S.U.B. Tennakoon, A.M.P. Adikari, A.H. Dawson, R. Abeysinghe
First aid practices for acute poisoning and snakebite patients in Sri Lanka – Findings from a community survey Lalith Senarathna, Duminda Guruge, Indika Gawarammana, Palitha Bandara, Andrew Dawson
Educational workshops: A quick way to develop the professional competence of nurses and improvement of poisoned patients outcome B. Dadpour, Sh. Amini, Gh. Soltani, N. Zirak, A. Peivandi Yazdi, A.R. Sedaghat
Comparison of hi–lo Evac Endotracheal Tube with conventional endotracheal tube for prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia in toxicological intensive care unit: A randomized clinical trial Ahmad Ghoochani Khorasani, Shahin Shadnia, Zahra Fakherdanesh, Mohamad Mashaykhian, Soheil Nasohi, Mitra Rahimi, Abbas Aghabeklo
Reactivation of plasma butyrylcholinesterase by pralidoxime chloride in patients poisoned by who class ii toxicity organophosphorus insecticides L.A. Konickx, F. Worek, S. Jayamanne, H. Thiermann, N. A. Buckley, M. Eddleston
The counteractive effect of Genistein against lead toxicity in rat bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells Habib Eslami, Ali Mohammad Sharifi, Maryam Rahati
Blood lead level association with neurological features in 972 children affected by an acute severe lead poisoning outbreak in Northern Nigeria Paul Dargan, Jane Greig, Natalie Thurtle, Lauren Cooney, Cono Ariti, Leslie Shanks
Development of a recombinant butyrylcholinesterase “pulmonary bioshield” to protect against OP inhalation exposure in Macaques Yvonne J Rosenberg, Beth Laube, Lingjun Mao, Xiaoming Jiang, Segundo Hernandez-Abanto, K. David Lee, Robert Adams
25 years of self-poisoning in Newcastle, 1987-2011 Nicholas Buckley, Andrew Dawson, Ian Whyte, Geoff Isbister
Using toxbase to pick up chemical incidents from paramedics and emergency departments Michael Eddleston, Catherine Crawford, David Lupton, Caroline McGrory
Preventive effects of amiodarone on the cardiac dysrhythmias due to aluminum phosphide poisoning S. Shadnia, N. Zamani, M. Beyranvand, A. Farrokhi
A study on protective effects of Xuebijing on multiple organs for patients with acute paraquat poisoning WANG Yu, ZHAO Min
Rosiglitazone exerts protective activity against paraquat induced acute lung toxicity by modulating nrf-2 and nf-κb signaling Zhenning Liu, Min Zhao, Yu Wang, Hongyu Zhao
Co-infusion of fructose-1, 6-diphosphate improves survival in propranolol poisoning compared with adrenaline infusion alone in a rodent model of poisoning Andis Graudins, Robert Jedwab
The effect of tramadol on sexual function: A case series Hamid Khosrojerdi
Determination of tramadol and its major metabolites (m1, m2 and m5) concentration in plasma of human poisoning by hplc and its relation with clinical symptoms Mahnaz Ahmadimanesh, Shahin Shadnia, Mohammad-Reza Rouini, Sara Ahsaninasab, Mahmoud Ghazi-khansari
Trend of methadone intoxication in children Hassanian-Moghaddam H, Hakiminejad M, Farnaghi F
Knowledge of inhalant abuse among selected non-residential secondary school students in Kepala Batas, Penang Halilol Rahman Mohamed Khan, Hasni Arsad, Zakaria Ismail, Mohamed Nazri Mohamed Tahir, Razak Lajis
Tramadol is superior to methadone in black widow spider envenomation: A randomized control trial Hamid Khosrojerdi , Reza Afshari
Effectiveness of a clinical protocol implemented to standardize the snakebite management in Iran: Results of an interventional study Monzavi SM, Afshari R, Salarian AA, Khoshdel AR

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