13th APAMT – Oral Presentations


Abstract Title Authors
Tetramine poisoning in china: changes over a decade viewed through the media’s eye Yi Li, Yanxia Gao, Xuezhong Yu, Jingmin Peng, Fei Ma, Lewis Nelson
Clinical and Biochemical Analysis of Acute Thinner Intoxication in Adults: A Retrospective Descriptive Study Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Hamid Reza Rahimi, Khosrow Agin, Shahin Shadnia
Pharmacokinetic study of mitragynine in kratom abuse users Satariya Trakulsrichai, Kobthum Sathirakul, Saranya Auparakkitanon, Jatupon Krongvorakul, Jetjamnong Sueajai, Nantida Noumjad, Winai Wananukul
Inhalant abuse among adolescents: Understanding the problem through community-based inhalant prevention program in Teluk Kumbar, Penang A Nur Afni, L Razak, MT Mohamed Nazri
Stimulant toxicity; A growing problem in pediatric toxicology Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Maryam Ranjbar, Fariba Farnaghi , Mitra Rahimi, Saeedeh Sarjami
Reversal of opioid overdose syndrome in morphine-dependant rats using buprenorphine Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Nasim Zamani, Amirhossein Bayat, Abbas Haghparast, Mitra Rahimi, Shahin Shadnia, Behrooz Hashemi Domeneh
From 2 pam to no pam: Has it made any difference? Bhalla A, Mohan H, Singh S
Myocardial infarction in organophosphorus poisoning Shankar M Bakkannavar, Vinod C Nayak, Predeep Kumar G
The relationship between paraoxonase-1 and the condition of organophosphate poisoning Zhang Li
Serum paraoxonase1 may protect from intermediate syndrome in op poisoning Arun Jose N., Fleming JJ, Selvakumar R.
Acute maduramicin poisoning Jianfang Zou, Huasaho, Joufang Deng
Analysis of the factors that affect the prognosis of the patients with acute paraquat poisoning Zhao Hui
Experimental study on the effect of human albumin against paraquat- induced acute lung injury Zhang Pengsi
The effects of treatment of pulmonary damage in acute paraquat poisoning with high dose ambroxol hydrochloride Wang, Yu, Zhao Min
Comparing “Three point PGI score” with SAPS II and sofa score as prognostic score in acute aluminium phosphide poisoning Bhalla A, Jhuria L, Sharma N, Kumar S, Singh S
The role of nurses in the care of patients with deliberate selfharm in rural Sri Lankan communities ANLM De Silva, Senarathna L, Pinnawala SK, Dawson A
New products of toxiclaro: Toxland adventure to enhance children’s understanding of household chemicals and their adverse effects Samsudin S., Omar M., Misnan A.
Rate and predictors of intentional self-poisoning and repetition of intentional self-poisoning in rural Sri Lanka Pushpakumara PHGJ, Adikari AMP, Dawson AH
Identification of acute kidney injury and associated renal biomarker panels due to an emerging epidemic of oxalic acid self-poisoning TM Wijerathna, DM Dissanayake, M Fahim, IB Gawarammana, NA Buckley
Sensitivity of Serum Cystatin C over Serum Creatinine in identifying CKD patients with proteinuria JMKB Jayasekera, DM Dissananyake, A Ranasinghe, F Shihana, R Sivakanesan, MDN Gunaratne
Identification of acute kidney injury and associated renal biomarker profiles due to glory lily (gloriosa superba) intoxication TM Wijerathna, DM Dissanayake, M Fahim, IB Gawarammana, NA Buckley
Long term health consequences following snake envenoming in a rural district in Sri Lanka D GS K L Jayawardana, C A Gnanathasan, T Chang
Beneficial effect of early debridement in management of local wound by cobra snake bite Nilvarangkur S. ,Wongvisawakorn S. , Sriapha C., Tongpoo A., Rittilert P., Trakulsrichai S., Wananukul W.
Severe local pain after hump nosed viper bite alleviation with lignocaine: Audit in base hospital Elpitiya Sri Lanka Fernando W. K. B. K. M. , Wathudura S. P. K. , Iduruwagama L. S. K., Gunaratne R. , Kularatne S. A. M.
The performance of 20-min whole blood clotting test in detection of venom induced consumption coagulopathy from russell’s viper (daboiarusselii) bites Ratnayake IU , Dissanayake DM , 2, Buckley NA , Isbister GK
Forum theatre based community education to promote recommended first aid for poisoning and snakebite in rural areas – evidence from Sri Lanka Senarathna L. , Gawarammana I. B , Guruge D N , Dawson A H
The use of multi-dose activated charcoal in phenytoin toxicity secondary to genetic polymorphism Chan BSH, Sellors K., Chiew A., Buckley N
Health resources and pesticide bans: Effect on suicide mortality in Sri Lanka Dawson AH, Jayamanne SJ, Gawarammana I, Manuweera G, Buckley NA.