13th APAMT – Poster Presentations


Abstract Title Authors
Nlrp3 inflammasome activation is essential for paraquat-induced acute lung injuryNlrp3 inflammasome activation is essential for paraquat-induced acute lung injury Zhenning Liu, Min Zhao
The changes of endoplasmic reticulum stress related protein in paraquat-induced acute lung injury rat Bai Xue
The effects of non-invasive positive pressure ventilation on arterial blood gas analysis and cytokines in the patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with acute exacerbation Shen Yang
The study of correlative factors when acute cerebral hemorrhage happens complicated with cerebro-cardiac syndrome Hao Weifeng
Cyproheptidine poisoning: A report of 8 cases Bhalla A, Anand D, Sharma N, Kumar S, Singh S
Fanconi syndrome and emphysematous lung after chronic cadmium intoxication Chartkul, Maesaya; Jiranantakan, Thanjira and Chomchai, Summon
Acute toxicity of acetochlor herbicide ingestion Panee Rittilert, Charuwan Sriapha, Achara Tongpoo,  Sunun Wongvisawakorn,  Satariya Trakulsrichai,  Winai Wananukul
Xylazine as a new drug-facilitated crime Jatupon Krongvorakul , Saranya Kitanon , Winai Wananukul
Carbon monoxide poisoning in Tehran: A 5 years survey Mitra Rahimi, Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Abdolkarim Pajoumand
Characteristic manifestations of acute thinner-intoxicated children: Reports from Loghman-Hakim Hospital Poison Centre Khosrow Agin, Hamid Reza Rahimi, Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam,Shahin Shadnia
Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of envenomation caused by snakes, scorpions and spiders in Tehran Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Mahdi Rajabnia Khansari, Nasim Zamani, Mitra Rahimi
Case report: First black widow spider victim in Thailand Kitisak Sanprasert, Sopinun Chaipiriyasak, Satariya Trakulsricha, Winai Wananukul
Sodium hypochlorite poisoning: Is it necessary to perform urgent endoscopy for all victims? Ahmad Ghoochani khorasani, Zahra fakherdanesh, Ebrahim Ghoochani Khorasani, Abbas Aghabiklooei, Shahin Shadnia, Mohammad Mashayekhian, Peiman Erfantalabevini
Drug and substance-induced seizures in adolescents and young adults Rittirak Othong, Wipawan Srisang
Scorpion sting neurotoxicity: A case report and literature review Faisal alsawafi , Humaid alhinai, Sabah awad, Abdullah alreesi
Iris and chronic headache Tavanaei Mohsen, Tavanaei Kosha
Formalin poisoning – A case report P Shetty, SM Bakkannavar, PK Goud
Elimination kinetics of monocrotophos A Jose. JJ Fleming, JV Peter, DH Fleming
Emergency responders’ knowledge on antidotes use for chemical incidents Wui Ling Chan ,David M Wood, Paul I Dargan
A case of early lactic acidosis in paracetamol poisoning Wui Ling Chan, Dong Haur Phua
Patterns of acute poisoning with kerosene oil, paracetomol, and jatropha circus among children in rural Sri lanka MBKC Dayasiri, SF Jayamanne, YC Jayasinghe
Paraquat poisoning from dermal exposure Kessirin Putichote, Charuwan Sriapha, Achara Tongpoo, Satariya Trakulsrichai, Winai Wananukul
Methanol poisoning in Bangladesh- a deadly case series Robed Amin , Ariful Basher, Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury, MA Faiz