14th APAMT – Oral Presentations


Abstract Title Authors
Advances in the handling of toxic alcohol poisonings – impacts on remote and resource limited areas Hovda K.E
Do we know enough about the mechanism of diethylene glycol toxicity to propose new therapies? McMartin K.E, Conrad T, Nichols R ,Landry G
Potentially preventable deaths involved with “Thai National Antidote Program” Srisuma S, Sriapha C, Wanaukul W
Therapeutic role of hyperinsulinemia/euglycemia in aluminum phosphide poisoning; A prospective case-control study Hassanian-Moghaddam H, Zamani N
Effect of single large dose aluminium phosphide poisoning on neuro-cognitive function Bhalla A, Joshi S, Kohli A, Singh S, Sharma N, Kumar S
Endoscopic findings and outcome in ingestion of sodium hypochlorite; A retrospective case-control study Pazoki MD S, Hassanian Moghaddam MD H , FACMT, Nikpour MD S
Prognostic value of cortisol and thyroid function tests in poisoned patients admitted to toxicology icu Nasim Zamani, Shahin Shadnia, Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Behjat Barari
Preventing secondary contamination of medical staff from poisoning patients Takama T, Watanabe S, Otubo H, Nozawa H, Mayumi T
N-acetylcysteine – 40 years of getting the dose wrong? Thomas S.H.L
Choice of antidote methionine usage on patients with acute paracetamol poisoning in the specialized toxicology unit in Sri Lanka Pathiraja V.M., Gawarammana I.B, Dawson A.H
Toxicology grand slam: 3-year experience on tournament-based toxicology learning in Thailand Jiranantakan T.
Amanita mushroom poisoning: A study of clinical characteristics and outcome of toxicity Trakulsrichai S, Sriapha C. , Tongpoo A. , Puttichote K. , Wananukul W.
Mushroom poisonings due to porcini consumption in Hong Kong Tse M.L, Ng V.C.H
User characteristics of the on-line poisons information service in the Netherlands Roelen C.C.J, Van Riel A, Mulder‐Spijkerboer H.N, de Vries, J Meulenbelt I
Epidemiological study of acute poisoning :A retrospective study in eight hospitals of Shenyang in China Pengsi Zhang
Pattern of acute self-poisoning repetition in rural Sri Lanka Pushpakumara P.H.G.J, Dawson A
Patterns and outcomes of acute poisoning in the specialized toxicology unit in Sri Lanka Dhanarisi H.K.J, Mohamed F, Gawarammana IB, Shihana F, Dawson
Risk factors associated with purchasing pesticide from shops for self-poisoning – A population-based case control study Weerasinghe M, Konradsen F, Eddleston M, Gunnell D, Jayamanne S, Agampodi S
Paediatric poisoning in rural Sri Lanka Prasadi G.A.M, Mohamed F, Senarathna L, Dawson A
Remote Toxicology Little M; Soderstrom J; Hooper A
Responses of the Western Australian Toxicology Service to remote, resource and retrieval challenges in toxicology; The Royal Perth hospital experience George J.F
Tackling toxicological emergency in resource limitations Faiz M.A, Basher A, Ghose A, Amin R, Sayeed A.A, Islam Q.T
Zamfara lead poisoning outbreak – the challenges of responding to massive mortality from environmental contamination in a low resource setting Thurtle, N
The methanol poisoning outbreaks in Libya 2013 and Kenya 2014 Hovda K.E
Evaluation of the “che check mobile” accuracy in measurement of acetylcholinesterase and plasma cholinesterase in anticholinesterase poisoning Shihana F, Worek F, Shahmy S, Rathgamage S, Jeevan H.K, Buckley N.A
Acute kidney injury caused by snakebites in patients admitted to a reference toxicological assistance center in Northeast Brazil Albuquerque P.L.M.M, Lopes I.S, Veras, M.S.B, Meneses, G.C, Silva Junior, G.B, Buckley, N
Effect of pro-coagulant snake venoms on different animal plasma Maduwage K, Scorgie F, Lincz L, O’Leary M, Isbister G.K
Myotoxicity in Australian snake envenoming (asp-23) Johnston C.I, Isbister G.K, Brown S.G.A, Ryan N.M
Pharmacological characterization of the major neurotoxin and myotoxin from Sri Lankan russell’s viper (daboia russelli) venom. Silva A, Kneisz D, Kuruppu S, Hodgson W.C, Isbister G.K
Smartphone apps for toxicology: Where are we now? Rais Vohra
Wearable devices for remote monitoring of poisoned patients Peter Chai
Social media and medical toxicology: What’s trending in 2015 Kathryn T Kopec
Videoconferencing for global toxicology education: ACMT’s getup initiative Anselm Wong
Urinary neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin is an early biomarker of acute kidney injury following russell’s viper envenoming Ratnayake I.U, Fahim M, Shihana F, Dissanayake D.M, Buckley N.A, Maduwage K, Chathuranga U, Aslam Z, Isbister G.K
A season of snakebite envenomation: Presentation patterns, timing of care, anti-venom use, and case fatality rate in Southcentral Nepal Pandey D.P, Vohra R, Stalcup P, Shrestha B.R
The Myanmar snakebite project: Experience with a practical approach to confronting the snakebite problem in a developing nation White J, Peh C.A, Mahmood A, Warrell D, Zaw A, Thwin K.T
Circulatory failure in the poisoned patient – use of vasopressors or inotropes. Jacobsen D, Opdahl H
Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling of digoxin for the treatment of digoxin toxicity Bracken LML; Buckley NA; Chan BSH; Chiew AL
Novel hemoglobin ratchathewi: first discovery as a cause of low oxygen saturation from pulseoximetry Satariya Trakulsrichai, Pimjai Niparuck, Wasun Chantratita, Winai Wananukul, Objoon Trachoo
Delayed onset blindness after 5 weeks of methanol intoxication Mitsungnern T, Jiranantakan T, Chomchai S
Acute hemolysis and methemoglobinemia in G6PD deficiency after acalypha indica ingestion Rattanasunya P
Delayed and fatal toxicity of chlorfenapyr Chun-Chi Lin, Chen-Chang Yang
Haff disease after eating freshwater fish – neolissocheilus soroides Chartkul C, Jiranantakan T, Promrat K, Chomchai S
Use of single dose activated charcoal: A survey of Australian emergency doctors Corcoran G.; Chan B.; Chiew A.
Dr Dolittle’s dilemma: what animals tell us about antidotes Eddleston M.
Development of a recombinant butyrylcholinesterase “pulmonary bioshield” to protect against op respiratory toxicity in macaques Rosenberg Y.J; Laube B.; Mao L.; Jiang X.; Hernandez-Abanto S.; Adams R.
A cluster of toxic hepatitis from exposure to an industrial chemical: pyrrole Tan H.H, Teo S.
Camphor toxicity, A seven-year case series Hassanian Moghaddam MD H ; Rahimi MD M; Shokri F
Mechanism-specific renal biomarkers predict nephrotoxicity early following glyphosate surfactant herbicide (GPSH) poisoning. Mohamed F.; Endre Z.H.; Pickering J.W.; Gawarammana I.; Buckley N.A.
Acute recreational drug toxicity in Europe: insights from the Euro-Den project Dargan, P
Acute toxicity of synthetic cannabinoids Hoffman R.S; Mercurio-Zappala M; Su M
52. Monitoring illicit substance exposures through automated surveillance systems Vakkalanka J.P; Mayo K.J; Holstege C.P
Drug facilitated sexual assault. Deng, JF.
Online survey on prescription medicine misuse: what is the evidence for misuse of benzodiazepines and ‘z drugs’ in Singapore? Poisons information systems and delivery Chan WL; Wood DM ; Besharat AC ; McDaniel H ; Green JL; Dargan PI
The impact of scheduling changes on alprazolam and codeine self-poisoning reported to the New South Wales poisons information centre Cairns R; Brown JA; Schaffer A ; Pearson SA ; Buckley NA