14th APAMT – Poster Presentations


Abstract Title Authors
Cutaneous exposure to cobra venom: An uncommon presentation Ponampalam R.; KohKH.;Lim, SH.; Dinesh VG.
Ferment corn flour poisoning Zhao, Min
A retrospective review of patients transferred for admission under the tertiary toxicology service of Sir Charles Gairdner hospital emergency department in Perth Western Australia Mason, J., Vlad, I., Roberts, B., Armstrong, J.
Valproic acid intoxication; conservative management achieved favorable results in 316 intoxicated patients Hassan, Amiri, N Zamani, H Hassanian-Moghaddam, N Ghodrati,M Rezai, S Shadnia, Z Vasei
Snake antivenom for snake venom induced consumption coagulopathy – a cochrane review Maduwage, K., Buckley, NA., de Silva, HJ., Lalloo, DG, Isbister, GK
Improving the use of the dutch poisons information website and the effect on telephone call volume. Roelen, CCJ; van Riel, AJHP.; Mulder‐Spijkerboer, HN.; de Vries, I.; Meulenbelt J,
Antidote availability in hospitals in the Netherlands Van Riel, AJHP, Van Riemsdijk, T, Jansman, F, De Vries, I, Meulenbelt, J
A seven year epidemiological survey on herbal and mushroom poisoning in a referral center Hassanian-Moghaddam H, M Rahimi, S Sattarzad Fathi
Lidocaine poisoning: 40-case series during a seven-year survey H Hassanian-Moghaddam, M Rahimi, M Elmi, S Shadnia
Prognostic evaluation of methemoglobine level by pulse co-oximetery in aluminum phosphide poisoning H Hassanian-Moghaddam, M Mashayekhian
Diagnostic value of silver nitrate test for aluminum phosphide poisoned patients H Hassanian-Moghaddam, M Mashayekhian
Treatment of aluminum phosphide poisoning by extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; new rays of hope in the treatment of the most fatal intoxication H Hassanian-Moghaddam, M Mashayekhian
Study on the changes of serum cytokines in paraquat poisoning patients and its relationship with prognosis Yu Wang; Bingbing Kong; Wenping Yang; Xin Zhao
Utilization of poison center data for surveillance of water contamination JP Vakkalanka; AE Nunn; CP Holstege
Pattern of substance use among teenaged poisoned patients Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Alireza Noroozi, Mohammad Bagher Saberi-Zafarghandi, Nasim Zamani
A field approach to rodenticides accessibility and knowledge of their vendors towards their content H Hassanian-Moghaddam, S Mohammadi-Bastam
Pattern of methadone poisoning cases among children referred to the Malaysia National Poison Center Mohd Fadhli R, Rahmat A, Haslina H, Halilol Rahman M, Adilah M, Sulastri S
Levothyroxine – ? A trivial poisoning Betty S Chan, Daniel Elder, Andrew Dawson, , Geoffrey Isbister
Challenges and opportunities in handling mushroom poisoning cases in Malaysia: sharing of experiences S. Samsudin, MR. Sazaroni; AN. Afni; L. Razak; T. Azwin; M. Asdariah; N. Hideyuki
A lethal accident in a carbonate photoresist developer tank Dong-Zong Hung; Yu-Tse Tsan; Ya-Wen Chen; Chun-Fa Huang
The color and labelling of rivastigmine transdermal patches predispose dementia patients to accidental rivastigmine poisoning ML Tse; VCH Ng;JSK Au-Yeung
Use of single dose activated charcoal: A survey of Australian emergency doctors G Corcoran, B Chan, A Chiew
Delayed and fatal toxicity of chlorfenapyr Chun-Chi Lin, Chen-Chang Yang /td>
A clinicoepidemiological study on suspected pit viper bites in Bangladesh F U H Chowdhury, M N H Chowdhury, M A Islam, A A Sayeed, M A H Chowdhury, A Ghosh
Comparative analysis of four selected interventions to prevent access to pesticides through vendors for self-poisoning – a stakeholder analysis Manjula Weerasinghe, F Konradsen, M Eddleston, M Pearson, D Gunnell
Clinical and laboratory characteristics of patients intoxicated by cholinesterase inhibitors admitted to a reference toxicological assistance center in Northeast Brazil Albuquerque P.L.M.M, Luna J.R.G, Alexandrino J.E.F, Freitas, Moura C.T.M, Silva Junior, G.B, Buckley, N
Satisfactory results of hemodialysis in ifosfamide induced encephalopathy Kessirin Puttichote; Sahaphum Srisuma; Satariya Trakulsrichai; Winai Wananukul
Mushroom poisoning: a proposed new clinical classification Julian White, Scott Weinstein, Luc De Haro, Regis Bédry, Barry Rumack, Thomas Zilker
Hepatic toxicity associated with exposure to dimethylacetamide in healthy worker Te-Hao Wang, MD; Wen-Jen Tsai, MD, Cheng-Chang Yang, MD, Dr. PH, Jou-Fang Deng, MD.
Snake antivenom use in Singapore Kuan, Kaibin Kelvin; Tan, Hock Heng
Predominant sympathetic activities and hyponatremia in a child with malayan krait envenomation W Kriengsoontornkij, P Settabut; T Jiranantakan
Adult snakebite patients admitted to a tertiary care centre in rural Sri Lanka: A cohort study Anjana Silva, Kalana Maduwage, Sisira Siribaddana, Geoffrey K. Isbister
Biomonitoring of glyphosate across the united states in urine and tap water using high-fidelity lc-ms/ms Axel Adams; Matthew Friesen; Roy Gerona
Ayurvadic medication, and risk of toxicity to residents of London city Bhalla A*, Dargan P, Wood D, Archer J
Rhabdomyolysis from russula subnigricans Kitisak Sanprasert, Wanpredee Tansaynee, Thitiporn Thanomsub, Satariya Trakulsricha, Winai Wananukul
A flowchart to treat aluminum phosphide poisoning Behrooz Hashemi Domeneh, Nasim Zamani, Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Mitra Rahimi, Shahin Shadnia
Massive warfarin poisoing with delayed rebound toxicity despite vitamin K1 I Berling, A Mostafa, J Grice, MS Roberts, GK Isbister
Recurrent neurotoxic envenoming after treatment of cobra bite A Tongpoo, C Sriapha , S Trakulsrichai, W Wananukul
Delayed onset blindness after 5 weeks of methanol intoxication T Mitsungnern, T Jiranantakan, S Chomchai
Diagnostic profiles of novel urinary biomarkers in propanil-induced nephrotoxicity in limited resource hospital F Shihana, NA Buckley, RMC Jayathilake, MZ Aslam, IB Gawarammana, F Mohamed
Clinical outcome of severe amlodipine intoxication Charuwan Sriapha, Satariya Trakulsrichai, Achara Tongpoo, Sahaphume Srisuma, Winai Wananukul
Poisoning with deliberate self-harm managed in a 23hr emergency department observation unit Rupeng Mong, Hock Heng Tan
Haff disease after eating freshwater fish – neolissocheilus soroides/a> C Chartkul, TJiranantakan, K Promrat, S Chomchai
Use of an electronic device based database to measure the telephone consultation workload of a regional toxicology service in Australia. Michael A Downes, Ingrid L Berling, Colin B Page, Ian M Whyte, Geoffrey K Isbister
Clinical spectrum of enquiries to a regional toxicology service in Australia from rural emergency departments Michael A Downes ,Geoffrey K Isbister
Acute toluene intoxication – clinical presentation and management Kawin Isariyaopas, Sahaphume Srisuma, Achara Tongpoo, Winai Wananukul
Acute hemolysis and methemoglobinemia in g6pd deficiency after acalypha indica ingestion Rattanasunya P
Adverse events associated with the self-reported use of synthetic cannabinoids: a retrospective case series review CN Duncan RN MPharm BSc., PGDip (Crit. Care), Grad Cert. (Infection Control; Crit. Care)1,2,3; JV van Schalkwyck RN MN(Tech)4; E Peers RN BHealthEd, Grad Dip (Alcohol and Drug Studies; Aboriginal and Intercultural Studies)3; I Vlad MD FACEM Dip Clin Tox5,6
Trend of serum lactate in aluminum-phosphide poisoned patients MNasim Zamani: Peyman Erfantalab, Shahin Shadnia, Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam
Online availability of noval psychotropic drugs in India Charanpreet Singh; Ashish Bhalla,Paul Dargan, David Wood, John Archer, Surjit Singh.
A case report of chronic mercury poisoning in a young female with human immunodeficiency virus infection Surjit Singh; Shankar Naidu, Ashish Bhalla
Poison center customer satisfaction survey through mobile devices NP Charlton; KJ Mayo, JP Vakkalanka
Do less for more with acetazolamide poisoning William Siu; Angela Chiew, Betty Chan, Danielle Wood
Innovations in toxicological education through mock patient cases and critical peer-to-peer evaluation JD King;JP Vakkalanka,JL Parker Cote; NP Charlton; CP Holstege
The protective effect of recombinant human paraoxonase 1 subtype k192 in central nerve system against chlorpyrifos poisoning Xin Fei Han; Fan Zhang, Na Zhang; Pengsi Zhang; Min Zhao
Acute pancreatitis caused by self-induced poisoning: a case report Sato, Lubna
Epidemiological study of acute poisoning :a retrospective study in eight hospitals of Shenyang In China Zhang, Pengsi