15th APAMT – Oral Presentations

Abstract Title Authors
Successes and challenges in strengthening poison control and prevention in the Asia Pacific region Thomas Y.K. Chan
Do op or pyrethroid insecticides cause diabetes? Michael Eddleston
Glufosinate herbicide poisoning – A review Yan-Chiao Mao
Effective use of social media in awareness development and management of snakebite in Bangladesh Forhad Uddin Hasan Chowdhury, Faysal Ahmed , Md Abu Saeed  , Mohammad Rafiquzzaman , Mohammad Ashraful Islam , Abdullah Abu Sayeed , Aparna Das ,  AniruddhaGhose , Robed Amin , Mohammad AzizulKahhar ,  Mohammad Abul Faiz
Facebook, factsheets and phone calls: the impact of a dedicated toxicovigilance position on poisoning prevention and utilisation of an Australian Poisons Information Service Genevieve Adamo, Christa Lynch , Andrew Dawson, Rose Cairns,
‘Living with the enemy’: From classroom to real situation Misnan A, Lajis R, Omar M, Samsudin S, Razali F, M Ali A
Use of e-cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery devices to vape recreational drugs and new psychoactive substances David M Wood
Abuse and detection of new psychoactive substances in Singapore Yao Yi Ju
The Diversification of Medications in Thai Adolescents, Will We Ever Catch Up Chulathida Chomchai
Clinical Audit Questions Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome Mike McDonough
Preventing Pesticide Suicides by Restricting Access from Shops – Exploratory and Pilot Studies Manjula Weerasinghe, Flemming Konradsen, Michale Eddleston, Shaluka Jayamanne, Suneth Agampodi
Relationship Between Alcohol Co-Ingestion and Outcome in Profenofos Self-Poisoning – A Retrospective Case Series HKJ Dhanarisi, IB Gawarammana, F Mohamed, M Eddleston
Effects of lipid emulsion on hemodynamics in organophosphate compound poisoning Ashish Bhalla, Bharath Chhabira, Nusrat Shafiq, Navneet Sharma
A pilot study to evaluate the use of the triple cholinesterase test in organophosphorus poisoning Sandhya Suresh, Anand Zachariah, Jude Joseph Fleming, Arun Jose, Horst Thiermann, Franz Worek
Extrapyramidal effects of acute organophosphate poisoning Kent K. Reji, Vivek Mathew, Anand Zachariah, Anil Kumar B. Patil, Samuel George Handsdak, Ravikar Ralph, John Victor Peter
Bromoxynil or MCPA – The toxic ingredient Betty S. Chan, Alan Gault, Sarah Granger, Angela Chiew, Nicholas A Buckley, Geoffrey Isbister
Neurocognitive changes in survivors of aluminum phosphide poisoning in acute phase and follow up till 3 months Ashish Bhalla, Bharath Chhabria, Nusrat Shafiq, Sushil Kumar, Navneet Sharma
Reducing cell macromolecule damage protects rats against monocrotophosinduced type 1 paralysis S poornima, A Zachariah, A Oommen
Cholinesterase enzyme reactivation and brain mitochondria protection by quercetin and rutin in acute poisoning by diazinon in mice Hamidreza Mohammadi, Mastooreh Nadafi, Mohammad Karami
Clinical outcome of Paraquat poisoning during pregnancy Satariya Trakulsrichai, Bootsakorn Paisanrodjanarat, Charuwan Sriapha, Achara Tongpoo, Winai Wananukul
Overview of toxins and toxicants in our foods Joanne Chan SheotHarn
Overview of pharmacovigilance in Singapore Cheng Leng CHAN
Toxicity, risk and decisions: What the clinician needs to know about pesticides Timothy Pastoor`
From beer to hips – diagnosis and treatment of cobalt toxicity Robert S. Hoffman
Challenges of environmental lead poisoning in children Satariya Trakulsrichai
Increased self-poisoning in young Australians – Why, 2KS? Rose Carins, Nicholas buckley

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