17th APAMT – Invited Speaker Presentations

Abstract Title Authors
APAMT: where we should be? Winai Wananukul
Methanol Poisoning: An Overview in South East Asia and Asia Pacific “Breaking the Silence: What Can we Do?” Chenery Ann Lim
Snakebite as a global problem; challenges and solutions; an Asia-Pacific perspective Julian White
Risk assessment to guide management in clinical toxicology Darren Roberts
Assessing and managing shock Binila Chako
Brain Death Dilemmas Of The Poisoned Patients Made Wiryana
Rethinking mercury: The role of selenium in the pathophysiology of mercury toxicity Henry A. Spiller
The Scientific basis for Chelation in Lead Poisoning Scott D. Phillips
Variable efficacy of Indian polyspecific anti-snake venom against the Big Four – a major challenge to reducing snakebite mortality in India Ravikar Ralph
New Situation of snakebite management in Indonesia Tri Maharani
Diagnosis and Management of Snakebite Wound Infections: The Challenge, the So-lution, and the Next Frontier Po-Yu Liu
Incidence of snakebites and medically relevant snakes in different regions in Laos and Vietnam Jöerg Blessmann
Occupational hazards of toxic gas inhalation Dewi Dian Sukmawati
A prospective cohort study on the effect of pesticide restrictions on suicide mortality in Sri Lanka hospitals Katharine Kirby
New Insights into Neurotoxicity and Respiratory Failure in Organophosphorus In-secticide Poisoning Tharaka Dassanayake
Long term effects of acute kidney injury from agrochemicals Fahim Mohamed
Relative toxicity of anticholinesterase pesticides – insights from better identification of agents used in fatal and severe poisoning Nick Buckley
Emergency Management of Amphetamine Toxicity Anak Agung Ayu Yuli Gayatri
Telemedicine to facilitate access to substance use counselling and treatment Jeffrey Lai
“The Interaction of Social Media and Toxicology: Using it to learn, teach, treat” Kathryn Kopec

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