17th APAMT – Mini Oral Presentations

Abstract Title Authors
The protective effect of recombinant human paraoxonase 1 subtype K192 against or-ganophosphate poisoning in myocardial injury Han Xinfei, Zhang Pengsi, Zhang Fan, Zhang Na, Zhao Min
The protective effect of serum paraoxonase 1 on brain tissue of dichlorvos poisoned rats Zhao Min, Guo Zhenhao, Wu Zeyang,Li Qi,Wang Xiaofeng,Tao Weichen,Wang Cong
Comparative studies on the treatment of acute lung injury induced by dichlorvos in rats between rabbit serum paraoxonase 1 (PON1) and atropine combined pralidoxime iodide Wu Zeyang, Zhao Min
Analysis of risk factors for mortality of acute paraquat poisoning Wang Luan, Cai Xue, Zhao Min
The risk of anti-cancer drugs related cardiotoxicities in colorectal cancer patients following different anti-cancer drug treatments Pin-Chun Wen, Wan-Jyun Ciou, Chin-Chin Ho and Chen-Chang Yang
Acute versus chronic methotrexate poisoning; a cross-sectional study Arman Ahmadzadeh1, Nasim Zamani2,3, Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Seyed Kaveh Hadeiy, Parinaz Parhi-zgar
GIK infusion: Novel modality of treating metal phosphide toxicity Jawaharlal G, Bhalla A, Sharma N, Kumar S, Debaprasad D, Singh S
Management of methanol-induced toxic optic neuropathy with high dose corticoster-oid and hyperbaric oxygen therapy A.A. Mas Putrawati Triningrat, Ni Made Laksmi Utari, I Ketut Agus Somia, Anita Devi
Perinatal dioxins exposure: levels, toxic equivalents and relevance of non-dietary expo-sure Yin-Hui Leong, Nurul Izzati Azmi, Mohamed Isa Abdul Majid
Purification of rabbit serum PON1 and its protective effect on myocardial injury in-duced by organophosphate poisoning in rats Li Qi, Zhao Min
Significance of Sirt3 expression in acute heart injury induced by paraquat poisoning in rats Li Qiu-he, Wang Xiao-feng, Wang Luan, Zhao Min
The role of brain CT in altered sympathomimetic poisoning Shao-Feng Liao, Hsien-Yi Chen
Trends and methods of suicide in Nepal: a retrospective data analysis Rakesh Ghimire, Dhiru Basnyat, Pranil Man Singh Pradhan, Akritee Pokharel, Sangha Ratna Bajracharya
Psychiatric evaluation of patients admitted with self-poisoning Indira Madhavan, Reni Issac, Raju Raghavan, Vinu Thomas, Asha Krishna AK
Adherence to guidelines of paracetamol poisoning in rural hospitals of Sri Lanka Vindya Pathiraja1, Indika Gawarammana, Nicholas Buckley, Fahim Mohamed, Shaluka Jayamanna, Andrew Dawson
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of glutaraldehyde poisoning Suthimon Thumtecho, Satariya Trakulsrichai, Winai Wananukul
Interpreting alcohol concentrations in toxicology reporting: under the influence or post-mortem artefacts? Daniel Chong, Kate Chitty, Jennifer Pilgrim, Nicholas Buckley
Human veterinary pharmaceutical exposures reported to the New South Wales Poi-sons Information Centre, Australia: 2014-2016. Claire Wylie, Rose Cairns, Jared Brown, Nicholas Buckley
Blood lead level and related factors in ADHD patients in Loghman-Hakim Hospital in 2016- 2017 Faria Farnaghi, Aliraza Rezayi, Shiva Sadhegian, Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam, Nasim Zamani, Iatif G
The clinical significance of venom concentration in patients of Taiwan habu and bam-boo viper snakebite Chih-Chuan Lin
Development of an “app” to assist management of mushroom poisoning Julian White
A 3-year analysis of snake bite reported to the South African poisons information ser-vice: 2015-2018 Cindy Stephen, Kyle Ragins, Kate Balme, Cherylynn Wium