This section of the website is an APAMT members only area.

At this time it is open only to full members.

Once you log on you can view and edit pages within this area, you can also create new pages. You can also add various sorts of contents such as images, uploaded files blogs etc .To do this press the edit this page button at the top of the page that you wish to edit

By pressing the “notify me” tab you can ask the website to notify you whenever there is a change to a particular page or the website within the members area

This allows members to update their own details, make suggestions to the society or for the web site Members Details

In this page you should put your name and email on this page. If you wish you can create a link from your name to create your own page (see example) to include your CV. To do this go to edit mode when in the member details page, highlight your name, press the link icon on the toolbar and create a new page

The engine that allows this activity is a Wiki. The Wiki records all changes so there is a record of all activity

Within the site we have created a page called Sandbox this an area where you can experiment adding content

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