Travel Scholarship Recipients

17th APAMT 2018 – Indonesia

Name Country Abstract Title
T. M Wijerathna Sri Lanka Identification of nephrotoxic mechanisms and early biomarkers of acute kidney injury following intentional self-poisoning with Chlorophenoxy herbicide [2-Methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (MCPA)]
Asisha Janeela India A Mechanistic Study To Assess The Efficacy Of Gastric Lavage In Acute Organophosphate Poisoning
Murad Hero Bangladesh Psychiatric Morbidity Associated With Snake Bite- An observational study
Dr. Polianna Brazil Renal tubular dysfunction in Bothrops venom-induced acute kidney injury
Chien-Chun Liu Taiwan Development of sandwich-ELISA and lateral flow strip assays for diagnosing clinically significant snakebite in Taiwan
Aneez Joseph India Evaluation Of Rbc Acetylcholinesterase Point Of Care Testing Using “Che Check Mobile” In Diagnosis Of Organophosphate Poisoning
Nasim Zamani Iran Evaluation of Methanol Content of Illegal Beverages Using an Easy Modified Chromotropic Acid Method

16th APAMT 2017 – Sri Lanka

Name Country Abstract Title
Omid Mehrpour Iran Comparison between prognostic values of SOFA, APACHE II and SAPS II scores in patients with aluminium phosphide poisoning
Narges Gholami Iran Lead toxicity in children: A field approach in pediatric clinic
Mehdi Sheiani Iran Pure Methadone toxicity: Electrocardiographic findings
Tarun K. George India Renal outcomesin snake envenomed acute kidney injury in Southern India
Nguyen Trung Nguyen Vietnam The application of Cobra Rapid Text (R) and enzyme liked iimunoassay in the diagnosis and antivenom therapy of the cobra bite

15th APAMT 2016 – Singapore

Name Country Abstract Title
Forhad Uddin Hasan Chowdhury Bangladesh Effective Use of Social Media in Awareness Development and Management of Snakebite in Bangladesh
Suresh Sandhya India A pilot study to evaluate the use of the triple cholinesterase test in Organophosphorus poisoning
Kent K. Reji India Extrapyramidal effects of acute organophosphate poisoning
Manjula Weerasinghe Sri Lanka Preventing pesticide suicides by restricting access from shops – exploratory and pilot studies
Lalith Senarathna Sri Lanka Changes in the Population Incidence of Deliberate Self Poisoning in North Western Province of Sri Lanka – Signs for a Decline
Jeevan Dhanarisi Sri Lanka Relationship between alcohol co-ingestion and outcome in profenofos self-poisoning- A retrospective case series
K. Chandimal Dayasiri Sri Lanka Patterns and risk factors of acute poisoning among children in rural Sri Lanka
Seyed Shahmy Sri Lanka Epidemiology and Outcome of Snakebites in the Peripheral Hospitals in North Western Province of Sri Lanka
Maneesha Prasadi Sri Lanka Administration of Over-the-Counter Medication to Children at Home and Accuracy of Oral Liquid Measuring Devices- An observational study
Laknini De Silva Sri Lanka Nurses’ attitudes towards suicide and deliberate self-harm in rural Sri Lanka: A study form rural part of North Western Province
Sivamani Poornima India Reducing cell macromolecule damage protects rats against monocrotophos induced Type 1 paralysis
Sivamani Poornima India Reducing cell macromolecule damage protects rats against monocrotophos induced Type 1 paralysis
George Abraham India Clinical spectrum of Snake envenomation in Tamil Nadu : the importance of Russell’s viper envenomation

14th APAMT 2015 – Australia

Name Country Abstract Title
D.P Pandey Nepal A season of snakebite envenomation: Presentation patterns, timing of care, antivenom use, and case fatality rate in South-Central Nepal
Nguyen Trung Nguyen Vietnam
Soha Pazoki Iran Endoscopic findings and outcome in ingestion of sodium hypochlorite; a retrospective case-control study
V. M Pathiraja Sri Lanka Choice of antidote Methionine usage on patients with acute Paracetamol poisoning in the specialized toxicology unit in Sri Lanka
Nasim Shahid Zamani Iran Prognostic value of cortisol and thyroid function tests in poisoned patients admitted to toxicology ICU
K Maduwage Sri Lanka Effect of pro-coagulant snake venims of different animal plasma

13th APAMT 2014 – China

Name Country Abstract Title
DGSKL Jayawardana Sri Lanka Long term health consequences following snake envenoming in a rural district in Sri Lanka
TM Wijerathna Sri Lanka
Shankar M Bakkannavar India Myocardial infarction in Organophosphorus poisoning
Behrooz Hashemi Domeneh Iran Reversal of opioid overdose syndrome in morphine-dependant rats using buprenorphine

12th APAMT 2013 - Dubai

10th APAMT 2011 - Malaysia